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You were a singer in a bar in 1972

“There is a sense now that singles are perhaps trying to be seen, seeking out eye contact on the bus more, watching for being watched, noting where they were at certain times of the day; the corner of this and that, this concert, that art opening, this grocery store. Maybe, just maybe, someone would spy you looking at just the right album at just the right time, in just the right record store and know you were destiny wearing a white sweater and grey jeans” – na Nylon de novembro, sobre o Missed Connections na Craiglist.

O Rio de Janeiro tem Missed Connections na Craiglist, aliás.

“It was November of 1972. I met you outside on the patio of the Hotel Sao Francisco. You are about 58 years old now. I was an American sailor, a turist. We spent the afternoon together. You were a very good looking Brazilian girl. If you answer this, I would like to talk with you. I might also have promised you a present 36 years ago. It will have to come in the mail these days, but answer if you think this is you. By the way, your friend was about 6 months pregnant at the time”

Por dois segundos, eu quase acredito em Hollywood e em trilha sonora de romances que ultrapassam idade, tempo, distância, medo.

Isso é PUREZA, e esse post é dedicado a Bruna Beber.